sauna procedures

"Praurimė" - steam sauna for individual sessions with a sauna master.
"Gramalis" - steam sauna for groups of up to 8 people.
"Pergrubijus" - single-person aromatic steam sauna.

Visit our SPA centre and enjoy the pleasures of a sauna without ordering individual treatments. Have a wonderful time in the unique SPA environment.

             The price of a single-visit pass includes:

  • A natural linen bathrobe and towel;
  • Praurimė or Gramalis sauna, self body scrub with salt and aromatic oil;
  • Refreshing treatment with crushed ice in the Blizgulis room;
  • Relaxation in the Butė relaxation area while sipping herbal tea with authentic Lithuanian honey and enjoying the sounds of a gurgling spring;
  • Aroma therapy with herbal bedding in the Brėkšta room.

    Sauna ritual with a sauna master:
  • 1 person: 35 € (about 1 hour);
  • Group of 2–4 persons: 29 € (per person) (up to 2 hours); 
  • (3 sauna sessions: body scrub with aromatherapy salt and vanta treatment).

Upon request, we will gladly treat you to a massage after your sauna session: 1 person – 35


Pergrubijus wooden steam capsule (30 min)   20 
The steam are enriched with vitamins, soothing herbals, diuretic and blood-pressure reducing mixtures. Relaxing head and face massage in the sauna. The main advantage of this type of sauna is that your head is outside and will be protected from the heat and steam.