about us

ETNO SPA - this is the only SPA in Lithuania that fosters Lithuanian traditions and their roots!

We set up ETNO SPA, where we try to get back to its source. It reflects the millennial tradition. Every nation understood the surrounding nature, its powers and principles. Each nation had its own system of language signs and expressions, which coded the available knowledge. At the same time, our Lithuanian ETNO SPA model is based on modern, safe and precise knowledge that allows us to effectively solve existing customer problems.


"In the world of modern rhythms and information in the world ... It would seem that we have not been able to express ourselves through the constant urgency, or even complete our thoughts ... We are burdened with labored days, we are terribly hasty, and most of all, in this confusion, we often do not reach anything..."

Books have long been replaced by websites, e-mails. Articles in newspapers become shorter, film scenes are also shortening. Antique shows include long movie scenes by the sea with sunset, with heroes long moments staring at each other in the eye...

Speed is like a drug that has already caused us to become addicted ... Worst of all, that part of the time spent losing is irretrievably lost - in city traffic jams, waiting for the arrival of the metro in the queues of the airport. This age seems to make a person freer but at the same time squeezes into the corner and raises fear. It creates vulnerability, it creates stress inside ourselves. Man is like a free choice but at the same time he is forced to choose at high speed.


For the modern man, the greatest deficit is not the material world, but his personal time, which he can live for himself and within himself... A time when he can calmly enjoy, love, hug, feel, touch and touch, smell, see, listen to silence...

Society and the era require speed, as if the inside world wants something else. The outer world divides a person into parts... In the morning one needs other things than in the evening, at the ende of the day the inner human energy begins to conflict with itself.

This despairs a modern man. This is the cause of the misery and suffering. Beauty and inner silence can only occur when the inner energy is in silent whining, in a free and unclosed motion. Without a set of rules and guards...